Oximetry Testing Service VirtuOx

Oximetry Testing Service

VirtuOx, Inc. is a Medicare approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) that conducts Overnight Oximetry tests for the purposes of home oxygen qualification.

CMS requires all claims for home oxygen therapy to be supported by valid qualifying test results “performed by a qualified provider of supplier of laboratory services”, such as VirtuOx. In 2005, CMS released new policy related to Patient Self-Administered Overnight Oximetry Testing. Based on these new guidelines, VirtuOx developed proprietary, web based communication software that allows DME providers to be the courier of the oximetry testing devices (oximeters) to and from the patient’s home.

The DME provider then connects the oximeter to their PC and uploads the test data to VirtuOx’s HIPAA compliant servers. Our proprietary software application creates a detailed report that is faxed to the patient's treating physician, who may then order home oxygen.

Oximetry tests may only be performed after a written physician’s order has been received by VirtuOx and the DME receives a copy of the report once VirtuOx confirms receipt of the patient signed Assignment of Benefits form.

Oximetry Testing Service Demo VirtuOx

Benefits of VirtuOx

The VirtuOx™ web application may be used by any DME provider who creates an account through a VirtuOx customer service representative.

The VirtuOx™ application is compatible with Nonin, Respironics and VirtuOx VPOD oximeters.

VirtuOx™ offers both a one page summary report and a multiple page detailed report. Both styles are easy to read and include data, as well as graphs.

DME providers can increase their oxygen patient census by utilizing VirtuOx customizable marketing flyers, sample prescriptions and policies & procedures.

DME providers can track their success by utilizing our Executive on Demand Dashboard. These tools allow providers to drill into and track: number of referrals per physician, number of qualified vs. non-qualified patients, DSO for tests and much more. This is the most comprehensive “dashboard” offered to DME’s who utilize online oximetry testing services.