HoST VIP Program VirtuOx

HoST VIP Program

Home Sleep Test Program

  • Can be used to qualify a patient for PAP device
  • Level 2 sleep study (7 or more leads-ECG/Heart Rate, EEG, EMG, EOG, air flow, respiratory movement/effort and oxygen saturation)
  • Set up by Respiratory Therapist in the patient’s home in person, no mail order for patient to figure out
  • Device is picked up the next day
  • Interpreted within 24-48 hours after uploaded test, have your results in 3 days! Interpreted by local boarded Sleep Physicians

You receive automated fax whenever there is a status change such as

  • When the order is received
  • When the patient is scheduled / refused
  • When the interpretation is complete
  • You will have full access to view status and results via