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VirtuOx Office Plus Edition

We know that not every test a DME couriers needs to be uploaded to an IDTF for oxygen qualification purposes, that is why we created VirtuOx Office Plus Edition! Typically a DME needs Office Plus Edition for PAP Titrations, Oxygen Titrations or Oxygen Discharges.

If a MD, Hospital, Sleep Lab, IDTF or Skilled Nursing Facility uses VirtuOx Office Plus Edition, the results are considered valid for Medicare and private insurance purposes.

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition requires no prescription or patient Assignment of Benefit forms as these tests are not billed by VirtuOx to the patient or payer

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition is available in the following subscription increments

  • Subscribe for 1Year and get 1 month free- Call us for pricing
  • Subscribe for 3Year and get 3 months free- Call us for pricing
VirtuOx Office Plus Edition

Benefits of VirtuOx Office Plus Edition

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition is a web based application and does not need to be installed on a local PC, like other similar products. Since this application is hosted by VirtuOx, data is backed up daily on our secure servers and can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection.

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition has an Executive on Demand Dashboard that will give managers real time data on when and how many patients are being uploaded to the software versus to a Medicare approved lab. This helps keep centers in compliance with strict clinical and regulatory guidelines.

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition offers upgraded reports now with considerations in a one page summary as well as multiple page detailed reports. Both styles are easy to read and include data, as well as graphs.

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition now offers a Single Sign On (SSO) so users of VirtuOx IDTF and VirtuOx Office Plus Edition can use one username / password and have the ability to easily toggle between both editions.

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition now offers a Sleep Study Candidate Queue (SSCQ) to help evaluate pts that can possible benefit from a Sleep Study.

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition now offers a full hierarchy to allow full visibility over an enterprise deployment.

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